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Innovative students set up four new businesses

Last autumn, Inven2 and StartUiO organised the student innovation competition StartChallenge. This has led to four new businesses being added to Inven2’s portfolio.

Inven2 and StartUiO are working together to encourage entrepreneurships and business start-ups spun out of ideas from clever students. In 2017, they expanded the offer to students at the University of Oslo and organised StartChallenge, as an addition to the brainstorming sessions (Idédugnad) that have also been held previously.

Development of idea at Idédugnaden and StartChallenge

At the brainstorming session, students from all parts of the university were invited to work in groups for a whole day on both new and existing ideas.

Thirteen of these groups were then chosen to go on to StartChallenge. StartChallenge is about further developing the ideas that emerged during the brainstorming session, now together with mentors.

Finally, the 13 groups pitched their ideas to a panel consisting of representatives from Inven2, Insj and Hold. Insj helps students to connect with mentors who can assist them with setting up businesses, and Hold provides a mobile phone app that helps students to stay focused.

Of the 13, four new businesses are now being established

  • Nomademat: The company will employ refugees and immigrant to offer businesses a canteen event service with food from their home countries.
  • Beep Systems: The company will develop a digital system to register attendance, to be used in schools.
  • ChiElstad: Using an app or a website, the company will contribute to carpooling for commuters going to and from work.
  • Crowdo: The company will develop a new crowdfunding model.

The companies will now receive further support from Inven2 in the form of ‘the start-up package’. Read more about what the package contains:

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