Theodossis Theodossiou presents Lumiblast at Inven2 Pitch. Photo: Jannicke Kristoffersen, Inven2

The purpose of Inven2Pitch is to present potential opportunities for investors, as well as for entrepreneurs searching for exciting projects they can further develop into vibrant companies.

‘What the projects have in common is their need for entrepreneurs and funding when they, before long, proceed to the commercial phase,’ says Ole Kristian Hjelstuen, CEO of Inven2.

Two Inven2Pitch meetings were held in 2019:


Projects presented at the Aleap health incubator in June:

  • SoftBeam: Technology that dramatically improves the image quality in ultrasound equipment while also reducing the costs of such equipment.
  • ZinChel: Counteracts antibiotic resistance.
  • SERCA Pharmaceuticals AS: New treatment for reperfusion injuries after heart attack (myocardial infarction – MI).
  • Optical Audio Tape Digitizer: New technology for magneto-optical reading and storage of old vulnerable magnetic tape recordings.
  • HLAII: A targeted flu vaccine platform.
  • HoloCare: Holographic visualisation for better surgical interventions.


Projects presented at Cutting Edge in October:

  • TCR discovery platform: A unique platform for detecting T cell receptors, a new investment opportunity in immuno-oncology based on cell therapy.
  • TAM targeting (IL15): A universal immunotherapy based on antibodies that remove solid tumours with a 100% survival rate in animal models.
  • CCN5: A new therapeutic treatment of pulmonary fibrosis based on a biological molecule.
  • Lumiblast: A new principle for cancer treatment based on molecules being activated by the cancer cells’ own energy turnover and thus forcing the tumours to ‘commit suicide’.
  • Tankyrase inhibitor: OM-153 – a potent low-molecular cancer drug that selectively attacks an important process in the cancer cells.
  • Ambulansebrille: A unique new communication tool for paramedics.


Olav Steinnes is responsible for Inven2Pitch.
Please contact him if you want to receive information about the next Inven2Pitch meeting or an overview of projects.